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Sports massage oil

At RÉVVI you can buy the highest quality sports massage oil. These are intended for a relaxation massage, sporting massage or during a physiotherapy treatment. Our professional sports massage oil has a positive effect on your health. It helps with muscle recovery, improving resistance and a better balance between man and mind. Even when you experience a lower blood pressure, sports massage oil can help. RÉVVI offers different types of oils, for both professionals and consumers. The application of sports massage oil goes well with other massage supplies. Think, for example, of a foam roller or a massage gun, especially with athletes, this combination is beneficial for warming up and muscle recovery.

What is sports massage oil?

Simply put, sports massage oil is a type of oil that you use when massaging the skin. There are several reasons why the skin should be massaged. Physiotherapists often use oil in the treatment of injuries. At home, sports massage oil can be used for relaxation or in preparation for a sports activity. The sports massage oil from RÉVVI feels soft on the skin and does not stick. The offer is varied, so you can choose the best sports massage oil for you for every different occasion. Depending on which massage you want to give, it is important to choose a matching sports massage oil and the scent in order to enhance the effect of the massage. When the cause of the massage lies with a sporting factor, oil with a neutral scent is often chosen, which is suitable for all skin types. If you want to give a relaxing massage to your partner at home, you can choose to buy a sports massage oil with a scent to enhance the massage experience even more.

What types of sports massage oil do we offer?

You can buy different types of sports massage oil from us. If you want to go for a physiotherapeutic massage, we offer different types of oils. Our RÉVVI Alpine oil has been specifically developed for sports massages and is suitable for all skin types. It contains natural minerals and rosemary, which stimulate your circulation and strengthen your nervous system. Our Hot Rub Protect oil is also perfect as a sports massage oil before exercise. It warms your muscles and gives a pain-relieving feeling. The sports massage oil gives off long-lasting heat and helps with the recovery of back, neck and shoulder complaints. Our almond oil consists of 100% pressed almonds and ensures optimal hydration and nourishment of the skin cells. In addition, our hypoallergenic base oil consists only of mineral oil that is suitable for every type of massage. In addition, this sports massage oil is extremely suitable as a base oil for mixing with essential oils.

What should you pay attention to when using sports massage oil?

An important aspect when choosing the right sports massage oil is, among other things, the degree of greasiness of the oil. The professional sports massage oil from RÉVVI does not absorb too quickly into the skin, but also does not leave a greasy layer. This makes it a pleasant experience for both the masseur and the recipient, the oil works well and the skin contact is just enough. What you should also pay attention to when using sports massage oil is the type of massage you are going to give or receive. If you want to use oil for a sporty massage, we recommend the Alpine sports massage oil, Hot Rub Protect oil and the Rapid Boost activating oil. These massage oils have been specially developed to activate and warm the muscles at the start of an effort. We recommend using the Mag Max Magnesium & Arnica lotion after exercise to prevent cramping. This sports massage oil ensures maximum expulsion of waste products from the tired and stressed muscle zones.

Good body care thanks to RÉVVI . products

At RÉVVI we believe in responsible awareness of sports care among athletes. Good care during sports is part of both before, during and afterwards the sports moment. Our products are developed and intended for every sports moment. So are our kinesiology products made for every phase of exercise. For recovery after a muscle injury, RÉVVI offers different types muscle gel for the fastest and best care. These can be used before, during or after exercise. Wanna go for it complete care package, so that you can use the right products for every sporting moment? We offer these packages for every athlete, whether you are a footballer or cyclist. As an athlete you can prepare yourself optimally for the sport and recover in the best way after the sport. At RÉVVI we go further than just the best sports massage oil for your body. It is only one part of the total body care that we believe in. Everyone should be able to exercise without hindrances and under optimal conditions. RÉVVI is available for athletes of all levels and ages.