What are hot cold packs?

Our high-quality hot cold packs and the instant cold packs are ideal for treating acute injuries such as swelling that occurs after a collision, fall, bruise or sprain. In addition, the hot cold packs are reusable. Due to the quality of the materials, the hot cold pack remains very comfortable and soft when used as an ice pack. The hot cold pack is made of polyurethane and is of good quality. Cooling can be done in the fridge or freezer. Buying a single-use instant ice pack requires no refrigeration or freezer and gets cold when squeezed. They are often used for pain or swelling. They are filled with gel, which keeps the pack warm or cold for a long time. The gel or the pearls remain soft, so that the cold pack is and remains comfortable and flexible. Due to its flexibility, the cold pack molds itself to the body part. For example, cooling a wound can promote recovery. A cold pack is suitable for different types of pain relief: such as headache, muscle pain or toothache. Buy a cold pack, ice pack or hot cold pack from us at the best price. Hot cold packs are used as a hot pack or heat pack for targeted heating of muscles or parts of the body. After an effort or acute injury, hot cold packs are used as a cold pack or ice pack to cool the muscles so that the muscles can relax and recover properly. A hot cold pack is therefore an ideal combination of a hot pack and ice pack in one, so that you do not have to purchase a separate heat pack and a separate ice pack.

What types of hot cold packs are there?

You can opt for instant hot cold packs that are suitable for single use. It is better to opt for reusable hot cold packs that you can use much more often. There are huge differences in quality between cold hot packs. In practice, a cheaper ice pack and hot pack often have the disadvantage that they cool or heat less well and, moreover, last less long. A reusable hot cold pack with a professional quality is then a better investment with which you can continue to cool or heat your muscles and joints for longer and effectively. We offer a complete and extensive range of the best ice packs and hot packs and deliver very quickly from stock. The reusable hot cold packs in our range are of excellent quality, so you can enjoy them for a long time. Our hot cold packs are suitable for use by professionals and consumers.

How can you use a cold pack and hot pack?

You can easily cool a cold pack or ice pack in the freezer or the freezer compartment of the refrigerator. You can heat a hot pack in the microwave or warm water. Once the hot cold pack has reached the desired temperature, it will remain at that temperature for about twenty to thirty minutes. Do not use a cold hot pack directly on the skin, but put a thin cloth between it to protect the skin. You can also put a cover over the ice pack or hot pack. Always consult the user manual in advance, so that you know how to use the cold hot pack.