Good wound care prevents inflammation and infections.

Sports activities put you at a higher risk of developing wounds. Think, for example, of abrasions from a sliding or fall on artificial grass, a fall with your racing bike or blisters from a long walk or run. Have you suffered a wound, for example a scrape, cut or blister during a training or competition? In that case, care of the damaged or open skin tissue is important to allow wounds to heal quickly and to prevent scars.

Why Révvi products in first aid?

The Révvi products provide optimal wound care and healing, for example for staunching, cleaning, disinfecting (disinfecting) and covering wounds or treating and protecting blisters. For example, gauze compresses can be used to clean your wound and to cover dry or slightly moisturizing wounds. The gauze compresses are sterile packed. Adhesive plasters (also called adhesive plasters or fixation plasters), often available on a roll, are suitable for fixing wound coverings such as gauze, compresses and bandages. The styptic products can help to limit bleeding in the event of cuts and thus give a faster follow-up to your treatment. To protect your wound from dirt and bacteria after a treatment and to allow it to recover optimally, it is recommended to use wound plasters. Have you suffered blisters from friction or abrasion? Then use blister picks, blister plasters or sports tape to treat your blisters.

Always seek professional help after first aid.

In case of serious or heavily bleeding wounds, it is always wise to contact your doctor or the emergency room. The wound care products on www.revvi.eu help athletes, sports carers, trainers and the emergency room during, for example, sporting events, for a faster and healthy recovery of wounds. The medical aids are indispensable for every first aid kit or care case. With the right wound care products you are prepared for many different wounds and situations.