SINCE 2019

The ever-growing attention to body care amongst athletes - before, during and after exercise - increases the need for good care products.
From the start in 2019, RÉVVI contributes in a responsible way to the awareness of sports care amongst athletes. Everyone who sports benefits from the use of good care products.


The mission of RÉVVI is to contribute to the performance of everyone who moves and to create awareness of the importance of good and correct body care.


Everyone should be able to exercise in total freedom and under optimal conditions. Our care products provide a significant contribution toward this objective. RÉVVI is available for athletes of all levels and ages.


We believe in the power of the moment. Moments are part of a routine that takes place before, during or after exercise and provide an important contribution to the performance we want to deliver.


The mental preparation moment to deliver a great performance.


The moment when your body needs extra support to keep going.


The moment of release as soon as your effort is over or when you have reached your goal.

These recognizable moments differ from person to person. At RÉVVI, we believe that these moments are crucial contributors to the achievement of everyone's personal goals.