When designing our packaging, not only appearance and ease of use were taken into account, but also the choice of materials. Our cardboard and plastic packaging is made from recycled material or is recyclable as soon as it ends up in the waste cyclus. Our shipping boxes almost all bear the FSC logo, which represents sustainably managed forests.


We try to apply the sustainable logistics principle as much as possible within our organization. In the entire chain from producer to consumer, we pay attention to reducing the emission of gases and pollutants. RÉVVI only works with partners that apply the same standards in their logistics; we try to deliver our packages with the smallest possible ecological footprint. Bulk transport of our stock is always done in consultation with our suppliers, where we count on their (pro-)active approach to keep CO2 emissions as low as possible.


An estimated 10 billion trees disappear every year, even though trees are the means of combating climate change. RÉVVI participates in the “Plant a tree” initiative of Trees for All. This non-profit organization plants trees, restores existing forests and makes people aware of the importance of trees.