Wound care

When exercising, it can just happen that you get a wound. After all, an accident is just around the corner. Think, for example, of a scrape after sliding on the artificial grass, a fall with your racing bike or blisters on your foot after running. Wound care after the sports moment is very important, by treating a wound in time you prevent a scar from forming. RÉVVI offers different types of products to properly and quickly care for damaged or open skin tissue so that you can resume sports as soon as possible!

Why RÉVVI products for wound care?

RÉVVI products provide optimal wound care and healing, for example for cleaning, disinfecting and covering wounds or treating and protecting blisters. The gauze compresses are ideal for cleaning the wound and covering the wound if it is dry or slightly moisturizing. All our wound plasters and gauze compresses are sterile packed. The adhesive plasters are suitable for fixing wound dressings such as gauze, compresses and bandages. The styptic agents help to limit bleeding in the case of cuts, for example. This allows you to further treat the wound faster. We recommend RÉVVI wound plasters to protect the wound against dirt and bacteria. This allows the wound to recover optimally. When blisters are caused by friction or abrasion, it is recommended to use blister plasters or sports tape to treat them.

How do wounds heal?

After you have treated the wound properly, the wound can start to heal. How quickly this happens depends on the size and depth of the wound. When you are going to care for an open wound, it is important that the treatment is done in the right way in order to speed up the healing process. In most cases, the wound healing process consists of three phases.

The first phase usually occurs immediately after the wound has developed. Your skin reacts with an inflammatory response. This reaction manifests itself in the form of pain, swelling, redness and blood clotting. This phase lasts for a few days, depending on the treatment of the wound. After a few days, phase two begins, your body starts making new tissue and it starts to form. In the first few days, this new tissue still feels stiff, thick and sometimes painful. After this you enter the final phase. The wound closes with the new tissue and a scar is formed. Over time, depending on the size of the wound, this scar will become soft and supple.

The best treatment for a wound

Taking care of an open wound follows a number of steps. This is of course different per wound. In case of serious injuries, it is always important that you first contact your doctor or the emergency room to have your wound taken care of. With our wound care products you can go through all the steps to care for the open wound. Below is a step-by-step plan for wound care.

The first step is disinfecting, by this we mainly mean your own hands. You do not want to further infect the wound with bacteria, clean hands help with this. Use the RÉVVI hand gel to clean your hands. Then clean the wound or blister with lukewarm water to rinse away any remaining dirt. Then try to dry the wound well. If necessary, grab a pair of tweezers and remove splinters or deeper-seated debris to prevent infection. Then apply our wound cleansing spray to the wound, it cleans and disinfects wounds and prevents them from developing into major infections. After the wound has been disinfected, you can start applying the plasters. Make sure to cut the dressing so that it covers the entire wound. Also, do not cut too large pieces, it is important that you can still move freely after applying a plaster.

RÉVVI wound care products are perfect for keeping in the first aid kit. This way you can always perform wound care in a good and fast way. Try to organize the box logically and clearly so that you can immediately find what you need in an emergency. It is also important that you regularly check the expiry date of the care products and replace them where necessary.

Complete body care with RÉVVI . products

RÉVVI products are only of the highest quality and meet strict standards. Not only can you use our products to treat a wound, we also offer products to prevent wounds and injuries. Before exercising, you can use our different muscle gels of sports tapes to be able to move so smoothly and injury-free during sports. Injuries can also be treated well with the hot and cold packs from REVVI. In short, with RÉVVI's body care products you can enjoy your sport and not have to stay on the sidelines due to an injury or wound! Payment is easy via iDeal, credit card or PayPal.