Skin care

The skin is exposed to sunlight, exhaust fumes and make-up during the day. To properly protect the skin against this, skin care is important. By using skin care, you create a protective layer for your skin. This way you ensure that you can get through the day radiantly, without having to worry!

Why is skin care so important?

It is important to properly protect the skin. The skin is exposed daily to changing conditions, such as the weather. To protect the skin, it is important to opt for good skin care. When you have bad skin, the skin care product removes the dirty layer from your skin. At the same time it offers your skin protection.

Skin care for bad skin

Bad skin can be caused by various factors. The skin comes into contact with different influences every day. Also, a person's lifestyle can contribute to bad skin. Bad skin can be caused by smoking, drinking alcohol and poor nutrition, among other things. Through skin care, you ensure that the skin can recover. Skin care removes the dirty skin layer. Then a protective layer forms, which protects you against various influences such as the weather and exhaust fumes.

Skin care from what age?

During puberty, the skin changes. During this period, more hormones are produced. The hormones can lead to oily skin or dehydration. Pimples or dry spots can then appear on the face. To treat these annoying things, skin care can be used. However, if you do not suffer from your hormones, it is still useful to use skin care. The skin becomes more dehydrated during puberty. A good remedy to use is a body cream that moisturizes. It is therefore advisable to start using skin care products during puberty.

Skin care for skin aging

From about the age of 20, the skin begins to age. The skin aging is not yet visible at this age. This change often manifests itself in dehydrated skin. First of all, aging starts with the eyes. The fact that aging first starts with the eyes has to do with the fact that the eye muscle is used thousands of times every day. For aging there are a number of skin care products that help.

Skin care with makeup

It is useful to use a skin care product when you use make-up. Make-up looks more beautiful when it is applied to well-groomed skin. Many people therefore choose to use skin care just before going to sleep. In general, makeup is not bad for the skin. There are strict rules in Europe that determine which substances may or may not be used in cosmetic products. Moreover, make-up can offer protection against external influences.

Body cream for sun protection

Many people love to sit in the sun. If the skin is not properly protected, unpleasant consequences can occur. One of these unpleasant consequences can even be skin cancer. By using body cream you can prevent these unpleasant consequences. It is important to often apply a body cream. It is recommended not only to apply the body cream before, but also afterwards.

Skin care after exercise

When you exercise, a lot is asked of your body. It is important to choose the right skin care after exercising. There are various skin care products that contribute to taking care of the skin. There are special muscle care products that contribute to muscle recovery. By using the products you ensure that your muscles can recover optimally after an intensive and / or sporting effort.

Skin care for a wound

Skin care for a wound is of great importance. Poor skin care can lead to unpleasant consequences. By taking care of the skin, you ensure that the wound remains well protected against any bacteria. This is how it is good to disinfect the wound. This can be done with a wound cleaning spray. This sting and pain-free spray cleans and disinfects small wounds. In addition, the spray prevents annoying infections.


Skin care matters. From puberty, the skin starts to change due to the hormones. The skin may become oilier or drier. There are several to take care of the skin body care products body care products that offer your skin optimal care. In addition to these influences, there are countless other influences to which the skin can be exposed. For many of these influences there are specific skin care products that offer help. So there is skin care that provides protection to the muscles en protection from a wound against nasty infections.