Why is good body care important?

During a workout or competition, athletes ask a lot of themselves. It is not only important to treat or care for your muscles, tendons and joints. Attention to good personal care of your body should not be missed. Personal care can consist of protection of your skin, sports massage, nutrition, but also good hygiene, skin care or a well-groomed appearance. The Révvi care products indirectly support the body to improve your sports performance and increase your sports experience as a whole! Keep your skin hydrated and nourished with the Révvi body balm or protect your skin from cold, dehydration and wind with our high-quality petroleum jelly. Start your next exercise with confidence and energy!

Physiotherapy / physiotherapy products.

Sports care products are mainly used by a sports carer, sports masseur and physiotherapist. Personal trainers are also at the right place at Révvi to complete their entire equipment. Our sports care products include sports tape, kinesio tape, ice pack, sports balm, muscle gels and bandages. Together with the sports carer, these physiotherapy materials are the first aid for injuries.

Are you a sports carer or physiotherapist?

In practice, the role of sports carer is often fulfilled by a sports masseur or physiotherapist at sports clubs. A sports carer guides athletes before, during and after sports, but also carries out preventive research into upcoming injuries of the musculoskeletal system. The sports carer can apply different massage techniques, such as a classic massage or sports massage, for both athletes and non-athletes. He or she also fulfills an advisory role to athletes and the club board of sports associations in the field of injury prevention by performing a function study and promoting responsible sports, nutrition and hygiene. In addition, the sports carer takes measures such as taping and bandaging to prevent new injuries from occurring or playing back old injuries. The most important role is that of caring for athletes in the event of an acute (sports) injury.

Révvi provides advice and guidance.

If you would like more information about our sports care or kinesiology, physiotherapy materials, please contact our customer service. Our people can provide you with personal and expert advice in the field of sports care. Are you looking for good and functional sports care products for the best price? Then look at the sports care products selected by our experts on the different pages of