Anti-friction cream

Anti chafing cream, what is it and when do you use it?

An anti-scouring cream is used to prevent chafing on the skin. Chafing marks are common among athletes and in most cases among endurance athletes such as runners and cyclists. The abrasions can be experienced as annoying, but with the help of a good anti-friction cream, the burning and irritated feeling in people is a thing of the past.

When do you use anti-scouring cream

You can first apply an anti-friction cream, also called anti-scratch cream, to prevent a burning sensation caused by chafing. Exercising is healthy and nice to do, but as soon as pain, skin problems and irritations are involved, you will no longer be able to enjoy exercising to the fullest. In the event that chafing starts to persist, it is important that you consult an anti-chafing cream to make exercising more pleasant and effective.

Anti chafing cream: suitable for every sport

You can use a good anti-chafing cream for all sports where the skin rubs against something. For example, if you like to run, your thighs may rub against each other. It can also happen that a piece of clothing rubs against your skin, such as cycling shorts or a sports bra. Or how about sanding a saddle? These causes can lead to skin irritations and this is definitely not nice. The longer you move, the more chafing and sweat will occur, which will only make the leanness worse. Do you already suffer from chafing and do you want to move more and longer in the future? Then choose a good anti-friction cream. Because an anti-scratch cream will prevent chafing.

How do athletes use an anti-friction cream

The feeling of chafing is well known to athletes, but everyone wants this resolved as soon as possible. Unfortunately, chafing is unavoidable, especially when cycling and running. But what is the easiest way to get rid of the chafing spots? Choose a good anti-scouring cream.

You can always use an anti-chafing cream, but there are a number of tips to prevent chafing:

Good sportswear

In addition to anti-scratch cream, good sportswear is also important to prevent chafing. When you exercise, it is important to wear clothing that drains all moisture well and the clothing must fit closely. When you wear cotton clothing during exercise, you will experience an irritated and burning feeling more quickly. Cotton clothing moves along the skin and retains moisture.

When cycling, it is important that you choose the right cycling shorts. Choose pants with a high-quality chamois that fits tightly to your body. So choose a combination of good sportswear and an anti chafing cream. This way you will quickly get rid of your chafing spots!

Check your saddle

This tip is only for cyclists, so if you practice another sport, you can skip this section. Cyclists generally always have an anti chafing cream. But the position and shape of the saddle can also influence how quickly you get chafed. Just go to a professional bicycle shop and ask for advice about your physique. Ask for the best saddle and have it adjusted right away. In addition to the shape and position of the saddle, the material of the saddle can also play an important role. One saddle heats up faster than another saddle. This heat can cause complaints to occur more quickly. This could be a problem on long journeys. So let yourself be advised in the store and use an anti-scouring cream in case of emerging complaints.

That was it. You now know what an anti-scratch cream is and what you can use it for. It is often also good to apply the anti-scouring cream in advance in combination with our firming gel. Prevention is better than cure!