3 Warm-up tips that prevent injuries!

If you want to avoid aches and pains, discomfort or worse, a muscle strain or even a tear that will leave you watching from the sidelines for a few days or weeks, be sure to read this post!



3 Warm-up tips that prevent injuries!

Warming up will significantly reduce your chances of injury, period!
Are you a runner, cyclist or football player? Do you practice your favorite sport on a professional, competitive or recreational level? You want to avoid at all times that aches, discomforts or worse, a muscle strain or even a tear that throws a spanner in the works so that you have to watch from the sidelines for several days or weeks!

The big advantage when you warm up your body before a workout is that your heart rate rises. An increased heart rate will pump your blood around your body faster, this acceleration ensures more transport of energy, which means, among other things. your muscles become warmer and therefore more flexible. Depending on the type of sport, local activation of certain body parts or muscle groups is recommended. In addition to exercises, this can be supported with aids such as a warm muscle gel.

3 Simple Tips to Start Strong!
1. Don't stretch, but move!

With a warm-up you want to prepare your body for an effort. The most appropriate preparation is the so-called “dynamic warm-up”. Depending on the type of sport you can work specifically.
> overview of different exercises:

2. Keep it short.

A warm-up is often skipped, because you want to start as soon as possible. Don't spend more than 10 minutes before starting your workout. Build up the intensity gradually with 5 exercises.
For example, if you're going for a run, start with walking and gradually increase the pace.

3. Extra attention for (heavily) loaded muscle groups…

Every athlete loads his body and thus different muscle groups in a different way. Give extra attention and support to these muscle groups by, for example, applying a warming gel or cream. Your muscles and tendons will be locally heated longer and more intensively, which will improve your sporting performance!

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